Aqara smart switch & smart lock

Aqara Smart Switch US version

From the photos of Aqara's U.S. certification, it looks like our neighbors across the pond are going to have new Zigbee switches.
Also, belonging to Aqara without going through Xiaomi, it will be compatible with your Homekit gateway, so it can be controlled by Apple's virtual assistant.
Although initially the market they are focused on is the North American for which this product has come out, but could end up coming out in the format for Europe, but, at the moment there is no news about this possible version.
We imagine that these devices will be compatible with Mi Home and so they can be integrated into Xiaomi's ecosystem, although, as we say, they will be in the United States for the time being in view of certification.
We are seeing how Aqara is launching new products that complete its range of products, and, although initially seem to be focused on markets outside Spain, will end up in one way or another entering our country, as for example, the Zigbee module for installation, the engines for blinds that we saw recently and we will be awaiting the launch of all possible novelties.
And, for Homekit users, this is good news as they offer cheaper devices than other brands.
Aqara Smart Lock
Although it is not yet clear which models (if all or only some) will receive such support, it has been known that Aqara Smart Locks will receive such support with HomeKit.
As you know, Aqara is in the process of supporting all devices through HomeKit, something that involves a very demanding certification process by Apple with the manufacturer that, once it sees the green light, can launch the version officially with such support.
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Although until everything is finished, manufacturers can not announce their support by the privacy contract that is signed, if there may appear within the firmware evidence of such support, as has been this case.
In the beta firmware that has appeared for the Aqara bridge with support for Homekit, it has been possible to see that Smart Locks are already mentioned, although it is not yet clear if they will be all or some of those currently on the market, S1, S2 and S2 Pro.
In addition to the smart locks, the brand's smart blinds driver has also been included in the update, so it will also be supported at the same time as the Smart Locks.

Smart switch from XIAOMI MI HOME system

Today we have another device from the company Xiaomi, which is part of the ecosystem-the smart house Xiaomi. In the previous publication we have already considered some Xiaomi products from this direction. These were smart curtains, capsule coffee machine scishare Coffe machine smart socket from the same manufacturer. You can find this selection here. Since we have already considered smart sockets, and maybe someone even bought them, so it is worth paying attention to the Xiaomi smart switch.
Умный выключатель из системы Xiaomi Mi Home
Smart Switch - Xiaomi Aqara smart Light Control
These switches conditionally can be divided into two types: wired. Inserted into the Podroznik and connected to the regular wiring of the house or apartment. In turn, there can be one push-button and two-button. Wireless. This type of switch is not attached to anything and can be installed anywhere in the room. It can be fastened to almost any surface thanks to the sticky layer on its back wall. Also come with one and two buttons.
The appearance of the Xiaomi smart switch
These switches look very stylish, but slightly different from the usual. And without the connection to the smartphone are able to the minimum-turn on and off the light. Except that it's unusually large in size. But it will be easier to get into it. The buttons in it are spring-loaded and always in the same position.
Switches are installed similarly to the usual, only in a square box. In the standard box it will not be able to shove, no matter how you tried. If you decide to install such a smart switch in the repair stage-there are no problems. The square box can be bought either on the nearest construction market, or ordered on Aliexpress. Well, if the repair is already finished, will have to be a bit of a punch and work as a perforator.
Both the switch type connects to the Xiaomi smart home system using a gateway from this system. With their help you can control the light without getting up from the couch. And not just light. You can control all components of a smart home at a certain setting. You configure the switch keys in the Mi Home application. You need to add new devices to the Xiaomi Gateway Management plugin, then assign an icon and a name for each key. Now there are switches in the list of devices. You can select any of the installed switches and use the Enable/Disable button to control the lighting. It is very convenient if you, for example, went to bed, and the light shut down forgotten. No need to jump and run to the switch, but you can do it with a smartphone.
Also the light can be controlled from anywhere in the world where there is internet. If you, for example, have gone somewhere to rest or on business, by means of this function it is possible to create effect of your presence of a house.
But these are not the main functions of this switch. In combination with other elements of the system smart House, for example with motion sensors, door opener sensor, CCTV camera is not possible to list the switch. Enter, for example, in a vestibule, the sensor of opening of a door has worked, the light has automatically switched on. Get out, split, passed into the apartment, and the light automatically turned off, through the time you set. Xiaomi remote switch.
The main switch can be duplicated by wireless switches. It can be configured in the same way as the main one. For example, bought new furniture, and the switch had to close. This wireless switch can be with a double-sided tape, fasten in any place. And do not have to beat the walls and lay a new wiring.
Or you can install it in the opposite part of the room and then you will not need to return to turn off the light. And you can also set it to turn off the lights in several rooms at once.
In general, there are many options for use and customization. And when used with other elements of the ecosystem smart home-everything is limited only by imagination.