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The sale of your property is not a trivial act. In addition to being a long-considered decision, once your house or apartment is sold, you have to formalize everything by going in front of a professional, that is to say, a notary. Before meeting him, you must first collect some necessary documents.

Personal situation

As an individual, several personal documents must have the notary. Among these documents, we find:
  • A copy of your identity document and your passport.
  • If you have a foreign nationality, a copy of your residence permit or your residence permit, as well as a birth certificate extract of fewer than three months.
To request a birth certificate, contact the town hall of the place of birth or companies specializing in this type of procedure.
And depending on your situation,
  • A complete copy of your family record book,
  • A copy of your marriage contract or PACS agreement,
  • A copy of the change of matrimonial regime
  • A copy of the divorce decree, the non-conciliation order, or the legal separation order,
  • A copy of the pronunciation of the PACS at the registry,
  • A copy of the documents justifying the placement under protective supervision,
  • A copy of the emancipation judgment,
  • A rib,

Your real estate

You will need to bring to the notary as soon as possible:
  • Your title deed,
  • Your property tax and housing tax,
  • Your maintenance certificates (boiler, sweeping, etc.),
  • Mandatory technical diagnostics: lead, asbestos, termites, gas, electricity. Note that these diagnoses do not commit you to do the necessary work. The diagnosis is simply mandatory for total transparency between seller and buyer.
  • The documents concerning sanitation,
  • The energy performance of your home.
If your property is a condominium apartment, you must add:
  • The co-ownership regulations and the description of the division,
  • The minutes of the general meetings of the last three years,
  • The summary sheet of the co-ownership, which brings together the financial and technical data of the building,
  • The condominium association draws up the building maintenance book.
If it is a house, you may need to provide these additional documents:
  • Documents relating to the work and modifications carried out,
  • The demarcation report,
  • The document stating the terms of servitude of the property,
  • If you have had the house built: the building permit, the declaration of completion and compliance,
  • The certificate of purchase of damage insurance (if less than ten years),
  • If the house is rented: the copy of the lease and the original of the leave given by the rental or issued by you,
  • If the house is occupied at the sale time: a copy of the lease and all its annexes and amendments, the last rent receipt and the amount of the security deposit.
Namely, it is strongly advised to provide the maximum of documents and information on the property you are selling ; this will provide you with security as to any hidden defects and information not communicated, of which the purchaser could accuse you.Wholesale custom packaging boxes with logo available at SM Custom Packaging USA. We offer wholesale custom packaging for small and large business in USA.