Windsor Klin

How to get a web developer job without experience?

Once you learn web development and a good understanding of languages, it is time to start using your new career. It's scary at first because you feel like you're not ready. Like everything in life, there is a strategy you can use to get your new job a little faster.

Create a portfolio site

As a reminder, a portfolio site is a compilation of documents that will highlight your skills, qualifications, training, and experiences.
It also provides insight into your personality and work ethic.
Your portfolio is probably the first thing potential employers will see when you apply for a job. We, therefore, suggest that you create a site that matches your expertise and your personal brand. Make sure it stands out from the crowd and shares your work, accomplishments, and skills.

Do Freelance Projects

Going freelance is also a great way to help you become a web developer on a permanent contract.
But projects don't have to be big. For example, you might offer to redirect to a local restaurant site navigation or creating an HTML newsletter for a charity.
Taking this type of project as a freelancer will help you develop technical skills and business skills such as negotiation, communication, customer relations, etc.
You could also consider the Pro Bono projects, which is intended to benefit companies that use your expertise. For those who don't have the budget and resources to hire a developer. This will allow you to build your portfolio, network, and accelerate your job search.

Be present and active on Github.

"GutHub is an open-source repository hosting service, like a cloud of code. It hosts your source code projects in various programming languages ​​and keeps track of the changes made with each repetition.
Today, many companies want to make sure you have practical experience before you go any further in the recruitment process. With GitHub, you can prove it and show your best code as a project repository.
After creating an account, you will need regular contributions. Keep your code clean and organized and include comprehensive README documentation to let employers know that you can jump into coding for their teams.

Follow the Tech News

Make sure you have good content. This is important for your first job interview and any conversation with your future colleagues. You don't have to be an expert at everything. All you need to know is what the situation is and what the rules are.
You can read blog posts or visit technology news sites (development, image science), listen to podcasts, or browse inspiring Twitter accounts.

Acquire new skills

Along with keeping up-to-date with the latest news, you should also keep up-to-date with new business skills and tools. As a junior web developer, updating the latest technologies and trends will give you an undeniable advantage in your interviews and job search.

Improve your CV

Even if your portfolio is a place where you can showcase your skills, most companies ask for candidates' CVs. That they use to sort them out before interviews. This means that your portfolio should be as complete and professional as possible. Make sure to highlight your core skills and talk about all of your programming and web development experiences.
Take the time to choose a clean, easy-to-read template (or create your own!). There are many free resume templates available on the web. If you choose Ace, your potential customer would like to thank you for clearly presenting your experience.
Remember, you want to be hired as much as your employer wants to hire someone - so why not make it easier for both of you?

Use LinkedIn

Now that you've tried to build your portfolio, resume, and network, it's time to stand on LinkedIn!
LinkedIn is an excellent tool for finding your first job. It gives you access to a large pool of recruiters with whom you can interact! Here are some tips to help you get started:
  • Take care of your profile
  • Fill in all the requested information
  • Build your network
  • Fuel with content and article sharing
  • Let them know that you are listening to the market.
  • Enter the title of the position you are looking for
  • Reply to messages
  • Make your phone number visible.
I hope this article will help you to achieve your goals. Good Luck, and keep moving forward.