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Write a Business Plan for a Cleaning Company

Cleaning firms are on the rise. Outsourcing of the cleaning feature is progressing in several industries and provides positive development opportunities. Individuals often gradually desire to get rid of this challenge by calling on specialists. But beware, the market is tough.
So, if you want to create a cleaning company, this special file will be useful to you: what is the potential of the sector, what are the steps to take to get started, how to establish your market research and your cleaning services business plan ... here are the topics we will cover.

What are the missions entrusted to cleaning companies?

Cleaning businesses work with private or public agencies as well as municipal authorities. They will also collaborate with people to directly manage structures (buildings, warehouses, stores, workshops, etc.).
Professionals are also required to develop various activities to diversify activities such as:
  • Specialized cleaning and maintenance (e.g., operating theaters, computer unit)
  • Vehicle cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning of industrial machines
Other related services such as disinfection, rat control, minor maintenance, or guarding can also be considered.
The economic crisis that is impacting real estate and tertiary activities has led to a drop in activity for cleaning professionals. These changes limit the needs in terms of cleaning and, therefore, the turnover rate for professionals.
Small structures are very sensitive to this context and must cut back on their margins or find new income sources by developing related activities.

Innovate: a good way to stand out

When you want to open a cleaning business, launching an innovative service is often a good way to enter the market and stand out from the competition. On this side, good news: there remains great potential in this sector in terms of innovation.
Indeed, if some innovative concepts are flourishing on the side of cleaning services in private homes: Eco wash mobile, Nettycars, Cosmeti'car ..., business services are, with the exception of a few examples such as Accleaner (cleaning and disinfection of all air conditioning systems) or Lavatrans (truck washing), cruelly lacking in innovation.

Is the cleaning market regulated?

The profession is eligible for the status of craftsman, which requires having a diploma in cleaning (CAP, BEP) or, failing that, sufficient experience in the sector.
You will also have to comply with hygiene rules as well as those applicable to all companies concerning pricing, invoicing, etc.
To find out more about the regulations applicable to the cleaning sector, you can consult this article
And to learn more about the cleaning market, we recommend reading the detailed report drawn up by the World of Cleanliness.

Establish market research to start a cleaning business?

Establishing market research is an essential step in setting up a cleaning business.
Indeed, the market study will allow you to validate your project's viability upstream of the launch. This will allow you to estimate the market potential at the local level and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.
This step can be done entirely by yourself, but you can also be assisted, in whole or in part, by a professional or by a junior company if you lack the means.
Market research will help you answer several questions:
  • How is the local market doing, and what are its development prospects?
  • What are the characteristics of the target clientele? (geographical area, consumption habit, income, age of the population, etc.)
  • What are the target's needs and their motivations for calling on a cleaning service?
  • Who are my competitors? (company size, turnover, geographical location, etc.)
  • What does your target think of the offer proposed by the competitors? What could be improved? These two questions are important because they can allow you to differentiate yourself from your future competitors.

What does the business plan of a cleaning company contain?

If the market research results validate the feasibility of your project, you can move on to writing the business plan for your cleaning company.
The business plan will serve as a reference document, it must be complete, precise, and seller to obtain financing.
The idea is, therefore, to demonstrate logically that:
  • The planned activity can generate profits: there is a need, you have a solution that corresponds to the targeted target to meet this need, which will generate significant turnover that will allow your business to be profitable.
  • You have a team made up of complementary profiles allowing you to manage your business, and you have an external network to develop your turnover
  • Your company will have a significant and sustainable market share: you know the competition well and have a competitive advantage over it
While there are many business plan models, be aware that you should highlight the following points in your cleaning company business plan:
  • Description of the company: legal form, the start date of activity, capital and shareholders
  • Presentation of the project leader (s), i.e., you and the key people in the company
  • Presentation of the services offered: what needs do they cover? Are services innovative? What are their strengths and weaknesses compared to the existing offer?
  • Market analysis: Identifying the different categories of customers, size and evolution of the market, presentation of competitors (direct and indirect), and entry barriers that may exist for new entrants. This is where you can draw on your market research.
  • Presentation of the commercial strategy: how will you generate turnover (sources of income, distribution channels, pricing policy, and commercial strategy)?
  • Company operation: operating plan and presentation of the necessary resources (material and human)
  • Financial forecasts over three or five years: highlighting the financing need, the potential for profitability, and the opportunity for financial partners
Note that this complete document should not be too long and start with an "executive summary," presenting a clear summary of the project.

The key points of the business plan for a cleaning company

There are several points to be aware of when writing a business plan for starting a cleaning business.
At the financial level, it is, first of all, a question of properly estimating the material needs:
  • The material itself: cleaning cart, vacuum cleaner, Karcher, computer equipment, etc.
  • The stock of cleaning products
  • The vehicle (s) for transporting equipment and personnel
Then we must pay attention to the control of the wage bill and the types of contracts given to employees. A cleaning company is labor-intensive, and flexibility should be maintained to react in peak or temporary decline inactivity.
Finally, the working capital needs linked to your customers' payment terms (especially broad groups) should be given particular consideration.
Regarding the presentation file, the most important point is to demonstrate your ability to differentiate yourself from your competitors and to win contracts.

Easily realize my cleaning business plan

When you're short-term or have difficulty seeing how to launch and formalize a company cleaning strategy and make it convincing and appropriate, the safest approach is to utilize business plan tools like the one we provide.
Our software allows you to easily carry out your cleaning business plan:
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We hope you get some useful ideas in this article on how to start a cleaning company and prepare it for business.