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How to have beautiful skin? 9 tips to follow!

Maintaining beautiful skin is a complex task. Several factors are decisive in the quality and appearance of your skin. We reveal all the secrets and good habits to follow to have radiant and luminous skin.

1. Take care of your skin from the inside

The skin is the bigger organ of the body! Therefore, it is important to take care of it, both inside and out. Did you know that the skin is made up of 70% water?
It's not surprising, then, that you need to drink enough water each day to keep your body in shape and hydrate your skin. One of the secrets of beautiful skin is its hydration!
Drink enough water each day, 6 to 9 glasses on average, or 1.5 liters, for a fresh and juicy complexion. Feel free to add a little lemon juice or some mint leaves if you have trouble drinking natural water.
Food is also an important factor in the appearance of your skin. Eating too much fat, too sweet, or not eating enough can also affect the skin and, depending on the individual, causes problems such as dull complexion, acne, and blemishes.
Lean for a healthy and balanced diet, 5 pieces of fruits and vegetables a day are recommended. It is known that certain foods improve the appearance of the skin, such as orange, which, thanks to its vitamin C, helps the formation of collagen, which is essential in the elasticity of the skin.
Broccoli and its vitamins B, C, E, K, and A are food that helps cell renewal, helps regenerate the skin, and delay the appearance of aging signs.

2. Protect yourself from UV rays

What is more pleasant than your face feeling the sun's rays. Just the light, while fun, is not the skin's best friend. It is not trivial to spend hours in the light, in reality, it is the first cause of premature skin aging. Bear in mind that the skin is vulnerable to UV rays even in winter.
Therefore, protecting your skin is an essential task. A full-screen sunscreen when you will be out in the sun and a facial that contains SPF protection when you know that you will be spending time outdoors. Some of our moisturizing creams also exist in a version with SPF protection, such as our Divine Immortal Cream SPF20. For maximum protection, choose our Immaculate White Queen Shield SPF 50.

3. Know your skin type

How well know your skin? Is it dry, wet, mixed? How does your skin respond to your application? To your diet habits? The main factor for flawless skin is to know it well.
The dry skin tends to tightness, raspy, and may show redness. Oily skin is the result of too much sebum production, your skin is glowing all over your face.
On the other hand, the combination skin tends to shine in the T - zone (forehead, nose, chin) and is dry or normal on the cheeks. Do not hesitate to make a skin diagnosis directly with our advisors to precisely know the needs of your skin and thus choose the appropriate care.

4. Cleanse your skin

Lack of daily skin cleansing can make it easier to clog pores, leading to blackheads and other blemishes. Therefore, the golden rule is to thoroughly cleanse your skin in the morning and at night with proper care.
Be careful! The goal is certainly not to weaken the skin. The goal is to remove the residue accumulated overnight in the morning, so cleaning with water and a very mild soap is sufficient. If you have put on makeup at night, apply an effective makeup remover to remove any trace of makeup.
Our Biphasic Eye & Lip Make-up Remover will be ideal, even for the most sensitive skin. To prevent skin from being irritated by limescale in tap water, finish your cleanse with a hydrating face mist.

5. Apply a serum

The serum works in areas of the skin where other products cannot reach. Therefore, it is like an active concentrate, which will treat a specific problem according to your skin type.
Our Immortelle Reset Serum is perfect for applying at night, just before your nighttime hydrating care. 100% of women see their skin visibly transformed from the first night! You will see your skin radiant and juicy.
In the morning, apply a suitable serum before applying your day cream to maximize its benefits. Our Precious Immortelle,  Divine Immortelle, and White Queen ranges. They offer duos of serum + cream, very practical for skin with specific problems.

6. Apply a moisturizer

The step of the moisturizer is essential to obtain beautiful, smooth, and luminous skin. A good day cream adapted to your skin will ensure comfort and luminosity throughout the day.
If your skin is dry, choose rich creams like our Shea Comfort Cream  to hydrate your skin. Do you have oily skin? Choose for a light texture like our Peony Mattifying Fluid that will limit your face's shiny appearance. For intense hydration, the Aqua Réotier range, enriched with hyaluronic acid, will be ideal.
If you are more oriented towards anti-aging care, our Precious Immortelle and Divine Immortelle ranges take care of your skin while fighting against the visible signs of aging.

7. Use specific care

Applying specific care on your face according to your skin's needs is also a good habit to integrate into your beauty routine to have a beautiful texture on your skin. Facial masks are perfect for providing intense care.
For combination and oily skin, our Purifying Face Mask will be perfect for reducing excess sebum. To soothe sensitive skin, choose our Soothing Face Mask  with its delicious yogurt texture. For an ultra-hydrating effect, try our Aqua Réotier Mineral Mask.
Once or twice a week, apply the most suitable mask for your needs or wishes. The long-term effects of this type of care are really visible, and, in addition, its use allows you to dedicate a moment of well-being.

8. Face massages

What could be better than transforming your facial skincare routine into a true wellness ritual? The secret to perfecting the skin is also in its stimulation. Performing a facial massage when applying treatments can be beneficial, especially to promote blood circulation in this area.
Cultivating this habit daily and long-term can promote skin elasticity, tone and limit sagging. To do your facial massage, apply a face oil such  as our Karité Comfort Face Oil, which, thanks to its texture, will facilitate the fluidity of movements on your skin.

Starting from your face core, put your finger edges on your face and smooth out your skin. Imagine spreading your skin and smoothing your lines of speech and/or wrinkles. Enjoy this chance to rest 5 to 10 minutes a day is a plenty.

9. Sleep well

The secret to beautiful skin also lies in one of the most natural processes, sleep. Sleeping well and recovering from the daily hustle and bustle is a very important element in your skin condition.
In reality, the organs regenerate at night. And the skin is the body's biggest organ! You certainly have realized this now, but lack of sleep will trigger dark circles, a gloomy sound, a rise in bumps ...
Watch your skin, it's your best guide! A good night's sleep allows your skin to regenerate well, so be sure to go to bed early and maintain a regular sleep pattern.
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