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8 original ideas for hairdressers

The hairdressing and beauty salon sector is booming. Increasingly, both women and men are concerned with caring for and pampering their image and, therefore, they go to this type of business more frequently. However, it also has its negative part, and that is that as there is more demand, there is also more supply and, consequently, the competition is greater and more voracious. Therefore, differentiating yourself from the competition is vital. But how? It seems that everything is already invented, and coming up with original ideas for hairdressers is increasingly difficult.
Nothing could be further from the truth. From Dessata, as experts in hair care and distributors of detangling brushes for hairdressers and beauty centers, we want to help you build customer loyalty and attract new ones with these 8 original ideas for hairdressers. So it's already taking time to take a paper, pen and take good note of our advice. Before reading this article, you should know that every business idea needs a business plan, and for this, you will need a barber shop business plan. Now shall we start?

1. Wi-Fi for everyone

Our original ideas for hairdressers are to offer both our clients and their companions a free wi-fi network. In this way, you would allow people who came to your hairdresser or beauty salon to browse the Internet without worry and provide them with a source of entertainment.
For example, you can ask for their e-mail in exchange or follow your business's social networks and thus increase your virtual community. Also, if they leave happy with the service, they will most likely leave a positive review, attracting more customers. A good option would be to have a QR code on the entrance wall from which you can connect directly.

2. Create a hairstyles gallery on an electronic device

On many occasions, the clients themselves go to the hairdresser with a photo of the hairstyle they want to do. As an original idea for a hairdresser, we asked ourselves, why not provide those images yourself? Create a photo gallery with the hairstyles of celebrities, musicians, and young stars on a tablet or mobile device and make the decision easier for your clients. Advising and staying up-to-date on trends in hairdressing is also an important factor in building customer loyalty.

3. Space for selfies

Our third original idea for hairdressers is for a trend that does not stop gaining weight on social networks: selfies. Can you imagine a very cool corner in your living room where your clients can take a selfie with the fresh cut? So they can share it on their social networks and show the location of your store. A great idea to attract new customers!

4. Get digitized!

This is a great and innovative idea for your hair salon. Use a virtual platform so that customers can book online, know how people are ahead of them, or see when there will be greater availability. In this way, you will avoid unnecessary waiting for your clients, who will be able to advance with other things instead of waiting for their turn at the hairdresser without doing anything.

5. Transparent layers to collect hair

It often becomes uncomfortable (and even more if you do not have confidence with your hairdresser) to stay looking in the mirror all the time, watching how he works. Also, why not allow customers to use their phones while getting their hair cut? And here we come to our fifth original idea for hairdressers. Can you imagine the cape that is put on to prevent hair from falling on transparent clothing? This would maintain its functionality and allow customers to look at their mobile from time to time.

6. Television with an Internet connection

Place a television with an Internet connection on a wall in your living room and share beauty tips or other interesting content with your clients. Create a playlist and let them be the protagonists, and they can choose what music they listen to while cutting their hair. Sounds good, right? It is a very simple and cheap measure.

7. Unique and fun decoration

You don't need to change all the furniture to renew your hairdresser and give it a different and fun touch. Keep in mind that having an attractive, modern and original decoration will help you attract people who pass by your premises and do not know you. It would help if you let your imagination fly a little and improvise with the hairdresser elements.
For example, original ideas would be to use old dryers or hair rollers as lamps, a clock in which hair-cutting scissors or flowerpots mark the hours with the plastic busts that show the wigs. Remember, the more Instagrammable, the better!

8. Specialize in unique and different hairstyles

Another way to attract a new audience and retain customers is specialization. Become the best performing type of hairstyle (better if it is original and unique!) And thus you will guarantee the visit of all those people who want it. Plus, your reputation as a hairdresser will grow, and clients will want to put themselves under your hands.
For example, status highlights are a trend in the hair (regardless of the season of the year), and performing them has its trick.
Of course, although we have given you all these original ideas for hairdressers, do not forget that the most important factor in guaranteeing your success is good treatment and customer service. Take care, pamper and make each person who enters your hairdresser feel special ... and they will surely repeat!