The Charter : Article 5

"The Collectivity Laic Equitable", The Charter : Article 5 !


            C ollectivity
              L aic
                E quitable
A Community of Exchanges
An Independent Organization
A Network of Collective Solidarity


Article 5


Realize exchanges of Services and the Properties :
Between identified Participants, "Donor" and "Receptif".
Between an identified Participant and a Third party (Community, Association, etc.).
Between a Participant and for itself.
Without talking of damage in the local professional activities.
( In any case of impossibility to make realize either to buy, for reasons of deficiency, Local Trade organizations, or because of a lack of financial means of the " Participant Receptif ».
The Services, Foodstuffs, Goods, Materials,  Articles, Products, Stationery, etc., are transformed  in" equivalent time".
Their unity is equal at one o'clock of activity.
One hour of activity amounts to 70 BGP ( revisable value).
The weekly maximal base of " gift at time" is of 20 hours.
Every "Participant" receives an annual allocation of:

52 X 20 hours = 1.040 hours (gift of time), establishing a reserve, which it uses at his convenience, under the control of the Local Councillor.   The exchanges of "time » are made by mutual agreement, by time slot, of " gift  of time", to received hours and given hours.
The movements to the home are considered.

The basic quota system never has to overtake 1.000 hours.
The personal activity or of social utility, can be taken into account, as gift of time in a Third (after agreement of the Local Councillor or the hierarchy).
The particular cases (gift of time in the Collectivity) are
subjected to the decision of the Local, County or Regional Councillors,   in agreement with the Bodies concerned.
Contentious issues went back up to the National Hierarchy.
An inspection, on the regularity of the exchanges, is realized every month.

An accounting checking is made at the end of exercise (Councillors,  housewives (with child under age 16) or working (in the possible prorata of a part-time), the persons of more than 60 years or handicaped, do not have to return account).

The "creditors" in overunnings the schedule (over average weekly 20 hours), are considered in voluntary work. The "debtors" (below 20 weekly happinesses average), have to remedy this irregularity as soon as possible and justified, at the risk of penalties, (momentary abolition or definitive radiation, by study of the file, ( Momentary abolition or definitive radiation, by study of the file, according to the procedure planned).




Any pharmaceutical products.
Any harmful or dangerous recognized products.


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   C ollectivité    
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The "Charter" coordinates the assembly of the Key " La Clé "

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