"The Collectivity Laic Equitable", It's the ALTERNATIVE SOCIAL MODEL, It's Free and it's your Organization !


Come to join us in :


- Show solidarity and create links !

- Make of the mutual aid and the voluntary work !

- You imply and organize !

- To invest you and to participate !

- Contribute to your blooming and to that of the others !

- Make of the information and the training !

- Allow to think and to propose !

- Realize a cultural and sports action !

- For a better education and a better health !

- With a better blooming of the persons!

- Look of time by the voluntary work !

- Bring skills and liven up !

- Bring to the foreground knowledges, projects, initiatives !


    C ollectivity
      L aic
        E quitable

All this and more still allows you!

          How ?
La Cle PNG.png


The principle is very simple.

It's enough :

to convert everything, the Services and the Properties, in :

"Unit of time"

to exchange everything, by reciprocity and by collective multiplicity.

It's made of " will with will " by :

" Donation of Time " !


It’s your organization !

We are for you there :

-To help you
-To advise to you

               How ?

"La Clé"


"Foundations" , explain you the reasons of the implementation of the "Key" :

( La Clé ).

" The Charter " (
La Charte ) establishes the Contract.

"The Strategy"
gives you models onto the way to organize you


We suggest you being a "Participant" of " The Key " but also becoming one of its "Councillors » Local,
Departmental, Regional.

            How ?


By organizing every structure. 

By creating every Network.

By managing the expectations and the available funds.

By informing and by proposing.

Its structures are ordered for a Management of the " Participative Voluntary work ", regulated by "a gift of time", concerning the exchanges of the good and Services, between the "Participating" persons to the Organization.


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