"THE FAIR SECULAR COMMUNITY" (The Collectivity Laic Equitable), It's the ALTERNATIVE SOCIAL MODEL, It's Free and it's your Organization !

"La Clé"
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in the World
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Because, in our "Market Economy", 97% of the financial exchanges 

in States are speculative, with only 3%  of the Money Supply usable  

by the Actors of the Real Economy (world average statistics). 

This situation  creates, in the long run, periodically , an Economic 

and Social chaos.  In consequence , some Social Actors  felt compelled 

to try and establish  new values, by localized exchanges, with the aim of 

installing a more Social Economy.


Its flaws are the implementation of parallel, multiple, puzzling and short-lived currencies, with fanciful names, called familiarly: "Monkey money". This economic model, sometimes involving Companies, regularly accused of illegal work, is not viable in the long term, and leads inevitably the Political Power of States to denounce these practices and to judge their protagonists as "counterfeiter".

However, the economic austerity reinstalls at present these local alternative currencies listed in several States (more than 20 in France, more than 50 in Germany) quite as disconcerting as the previous ones.

"The Key", The Fair Secular Community (La Clé: The Collectivity Laic Equitable), offers you, for the first time, the means  to federate the incentives and the good will , in a spirit of perfect equity, without the risk of a consequence of "counterfeit money".  It secures the maintenance  of a better economic structure, by a collective mutual aid, with a possible incidence for Companies, or the creation of news Companies, without the risk of the illegal work. Cooperation with Communities, Associations, etc... for recouping " voluntary work time", generally used without reciprocity. Coordination with families, for Exchange of Properties and Services, but not only, in a dynamic way by allowing an involvement of all the Social Actors, including the most vulnerable, based on solidarity, reliability, efficiency and confidence. Its model of exchange is very simple to use, it translates  as a  " time donation". It is materialized by a "voucher", token, or a "smart card", with a computerized   management  and accounting  allowing a very rigorous monitoring of the exchanges. " The Key ", is the current model enabling self-fulfillment by a fairer distribution of the collective resources, for a long-lasting economic system  and finally a social  economic  system enabling an improvement of the quality of life, according to the instructions of its "Charter".

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