The Collectivity of Services

"The Collectivity Laic Equitable", A Community of Services !



It is a question of realizing exchanges of Services and the properties.
Between identified Participants, (persons registered  in the Fair Laic Community), called "Donor" or "Receptor".
Between Participants and "registered" Third parties, (Communities, Associations, etc...).
Between a Participant and for itself.
It must be realized, without talking of damage in the Activities Local professionals.

( In any case of impossibility to make realize either to buy, for reasons of deficiency of the Local Trade organizations, or because of a lack of Financial means of the Participant asking).

The Services, Foodstuffs, Goods, Materials, Articles, Products, Stationery, etc., are transformed into "Equivalent-Time"


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the "Collectivy Laic Equitable"
Proposes you :

To Participate in the Realization of " The Fair Laic Community ". In what domain, would you like to make your contribution?
  • " The Community of the Services "?
  • " The Community of Families "?
  • " The Community of the Search(Research) and the Innovation "?
  • " The Community of Exchanges with the Foreigner(Foreign countries) "?
  • In the Sector of the "Production"?
  • "Advertising" future, in one of the zones reserved, by QUOMODO?
  • Autonomous energy
  • Internal maintenance
  • Outside maintenance
  • Computing
  • Other (to specify)
  • Voter
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