The Collectivity of Exchanges with the Foreign Countries

"The Collectivity Laic Equitable", A Community of Exchanges with the Foreign countries !


The Community of Exchanges 

with the Foreign countries.



of participation.

1 to Be Great Britain person, foreigner or of double Nationality.

2 to Be resident in Great Britain or in the Foreign countries.

3 to Be in regular situation of stay in Great Britain or in European Community.

It is a question of realizing Conditions of Cultural Exchanges, Leisure activities and Tourism. 


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the "Collectivy Laic Equitable"
Proposes you :

To Participate in the Realization of " The Fair Laic Community ". In what domain, would you like to make your contribution?
  • " The Community of the Services "?
  • " The Community of Families "?
  • " The Community of the Search(Research) and the Innovation "?
  • " The Community of Exchanges with the Foreigner(Foreign countries) "?
  • In the Sector of the "Production"?
  • "Advertising" future, in one of the zones reserved, by QUOMODO?
  • Autonomous energy
  • Sport
  • Culture
  • Leisure activities
  • Tourism
  • Other (to specify)
  • Voter
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