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choosing the best IPTV service for you.

A good IPTV Service will have many channels available that don’t buffer at a reasonable cost.

Most will buffer once in a while but it should be minimal and not happen often.

IPTV Express:

IPTV Express (https://​iptvexpress.​xyz) is available simply everywhere, on all possible and unimaginable platforms. You can access the service from your iOS and Android smartphone or tablet, from a web browser but also on all TV boxes. In France, all telecom operators also offer IPTV Express on their boxes. TV manufacturers also integrate the application into their devices and often add a dedicated button on the remote control.

Streams for us:

The extended launch of Streams for us (https://​str​eams​foru​s.​site) has enabled the firm to refine its application. The user experience is simply flawless, both in terms of fluidity and navigation. Streams for us has chosen to separate its programs according to its different franchises, which provides welcome readability.

Top Dog IPTV:

The streaming service is available on iOS and Android of course, but also on Amazon Fire TV devices and Xbox One and PS4 consoles, as well as from a web browser. The Top Dog IPTV subscription (https://​topdogiptv.​net) is offered at 6.99 USD / month or 69.99 USD per year, a rather attractive price intended which also reflects a prestigious catalog but also more reduced than that of Netflix or Amazon Prime Video or bomba tv (https://​bombatv.​site). Canal + subscribers can also enjoy Disney + without a price increase depending on the offer selected.


As SVoD offerings are now commonplace, it becomes difficult to choose between platforms. Which one has the best deal? Which SVoD service is the cheapest? Which platform allows you to share your account? In this guide, we answer all these questions and show you all the pitfalls to avoid. When talking about SVoD, the first platform generally cited is of course IPTV Hut (https://​iptvhut.​site). The American broadcaster is seen as the pioneer and offers an impressive catalog of films and TV series for a price that remains moderate. His 30-day trial offer goes a long way in helping him acquire new subscribers.

KS Hosting IPTV:

However, KS Hosting IPTV is no longer the only one on the SVoD market in France and competition is increasingly fierce with the arrival of KS Hosting IPTV (https://​kshosting.​site), Amazon Prime or another juggernaut Ping IPTV, for which we explain how to subscribe here. Everyone is redoubling their efforts to offer original content or attractive offers. Ping IPTV (https://​pingiptv.​site), for example, offers a 15% discount if you opt for an annual subscription at € 69.99. For its part, Canal + adds Disney + at no additional cost to its subscriptions.