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How to choose the BEst VOD & Live TV service

The catalogs of the main SVoD services change very regularly, almost daily for some. It is therefore very difficult to compare them in a concrete and objective way. It will therefore be necessary to base oneself on the strengths of each one to decide between them, according to the tastes of each obviously.

Netflix: the most complete

Netflix is ​​certainly the streaming platform with the most extensive and varied catalog, which explains its success. There are all kinds of programs there, including films, series, anime, shows, documentaries, etc.

In addition to its huge catalog background, Reed Hastings' company makes a point of purchasing the exclusive broadcasting rights for certain programs (such as La Casa de Papel for example) or of mass producing content itself. . If his specialty was rather series (Elite, Stranger Things, Bojack Horseman, Sabrina, Sex Education ...), we have been seeing films of quite variable quality appear for some time (Okja, El Camino, Marriage Story, The Highwaymen, Le Roi …).

Netflix, web interface

Netflix is ​​also certainly the one with the fastest growing catalog. In 2019, there were more than 30,000 hours of content on the platform, but this figure must have increased significantly since then. Understand by this that if you are having trouble finding a program to watch, it is more because you are hesitating among all the choices than because of a lack of films or series.

Amazon Prime Video: the rising star

Prime Video has long been left behind compared to the other services of Jeff Bezos' sprawling company, but Amazon seems to want to catch up with its competition on this score as well. After the addition of subtitles on its content (which were not present at the launch in France), Prime Video has also started to invest to offer series with high potential (The Office, The Handmaid's Tale, Vikings, etc.), as well as original content (The Man in the High Castle, American Gods, The Expanse, The Boys…).

Amazon Prime Video, catalog interface

Strong point: Amazon Prime Video also has old legends that we never tire of (American History X, Fight Club, the Rambo ...) and a very large catalog of old films that are not necessarily masterpieces of the 7th art, but which will pass the time pleasantly.

Disney +: Proust's madeleine

The Disney + catalog is surely the most specialized of all. Disney has not purchased any content and only offers creations from its many branches, whether period (Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast ...), or recent. In total, thousands of films and series are available, because let's remember: Disney has bought Marvel, Fox, Pixar, National Geographic and Star Wars.

If you are a fan of Luke Skywalker, the Avengers or even The Simpsons, you will inevitably find what you are looking for, especially as certain new programs like The Mandalorian come to flesh out these universes a little. And if you have kids, this is definitely a must-have.

Are you looking for the best streaming service of the moment in the Americas? Then our answer is quite easy, namely: Dark Media IPTV (https://​darkmedia.​pro). The problem is that Netflix only offers some of the best entertainment you can find in the Americas right now. If you have the money and like to watch series and movies, we definitely recommend getting one or two extra streaming services. Think of an IPTV66 (https://​iptv66.​live), Blerd Vision Hosting (https://​ble​rdvi​sion​iptv.​xyz) or Disney Plus. In this guide we tell you which ones you need and which ones you can safely skip.

The best streaming services offer great content with a solid user experience, as well as additional features in the form of 4K options and offline download options. Below you will find various comparisons between the different streaming services, and we discuss everything from user interface to image quality and of course the offer per option.

More and more streaming services are now coming onto the market in the Americas at a rapid pace. So don't forget to check our list every once in a while, as we update this page regularly. Below you will find the best streaming services in the Americas.

What is a streaming service?

For the laymen among us, a bit of background information about streaming services is nice. A streaming service is a video on demand platform, where online films and series can be viewed where and when the viewer wants. This is in contrast to linear television channels, where what you watch depends on the programming at the time. Streaming services like Sportz IPTV (https://​sportziptv.​xyz) have been on the rise in the USA for about 10 years. A company like Netflix started sending DVDs for rent, but has only really grown with the streaming platform we know today.
More information about the best streaming services in the USA

Do you want to know more about the best streaming services in the USA? In the news category of Eternal TV (https://​eternaltv.​xyz) you will find the latest news about the best films and series on your video on demand platform of your choice. You can also view the full range of your favorite platform with us. You can also find the latest updates on Facebook.

Everything you need to know about Netflix, For this we have mentioned some alternatives to Beast IPTV (https://​beastiptv.​top), but it is of course important to remember that Netflix is ​​the largest streaming service in the USA and even in the world for a reason. There is a huge catalog available of Original films and series, but also of very strong purchased titles. On our iste you will find the latest news about Netflix and the full range of Green Stream TV (https://​gre​enst​ream​tv.​org) in the USA.