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The best dating apps for Adult encounters

It's undeniable, in a few years the ways to find love have evolved considerably. First thanks to dating sites, then today with dedicated applications, finding love has taken a different turn.

You remember this palpable embarrassment, when in 2009 you or your friends answered timidly "on a dating site", to the question "how did you meet? ". It's all over. In 2019, sites and dating apps have become one of the primary ways to find love. Why just meet friends of friends, colleagues ... when you can choose from all over the country?

We are millions to use dating applications, and as there is not only Tinder (tinderfrance.com) on the market, here is our selection to help you find the rare pearl:


The principle is simple: "Find who you meet". No need to spend an ad to find the charming person seen in the subway last Friday at rush hour! Do not let chance, do you meet someone you like? You can find it on JeContacte.net!

Well the disadvantage is that you can also find the big heavy harassed you in the street this morning.


The 3nder threesomes app (3nderapp.org) dedicated to men looking for Threesomes or bisexual encounters nearby was the first to integrate geolocation and revolutionized the ways of meeting the LGBT community!


Or how to meet between married and unfaithful people, Gleeden.mobi is perfect to start a serious and lasting relationship. At least everyone knows what to expect: we will not promise you marriage and family life! But suddenly, if you are single, this app is useless.


Tinder's sluggishness and his swips at all-out, fast-dating and expeditious "dates" to move to the next target barely swallowed coffee? DoublList.net is for you. We slowed the pace and we go to slow-dating. Each day you will only have one profile chosen specifically for you. Then you have to decide within 24 hours if you want to start the conversation.


Logically, like most apps, Hater bases its algorithm on the commonalities of its users. Except that here, your common points are things you hate. How was such an application not invented earlier? Nothing like hating the same things to get along! And as it seems that we are grumbling in France, this app must cardboard.

Do you hate Trump, Djadja and pineapples on pizza? You can find your double (or even double) on Hater.


You dream of an adventure with Emmanuel Macron but you are realistic? Bazoocam.site finds you look-alikes nearby! From a celebrity photo, the software does a search for you to find his lookalike near you. It's beautiful technology.

Top 5 best dating sites in 2019

Best dating site: discover the best online dating

You want to find love online? This is a great idea, as the dating platforms offer great opportunities: many and motivated singles, well-thought connecting features, live events ... If you choose the best dating site for you, you may find the soul mate faster than you thought!

But for that, it is necessary to use the best platform of meeting. You will find here a top 5 of the most effective sites of the moment, with the detail of each one, as well as all the criteria of essential selections on which we rely to elect the best!

Top 5 best dating sites in 2019

We tested tons of dating site to keep only the top of the top. Depending on your tastes and expectations, you can opt for one or the other of these platforms but all, in their manners, offer very good results.

Here are our top 5 best dating sites today:

1 # Casual Dating

If you want to meet singles belonging to the elite of society, it is on Casual Dating that you must go. With its top graduates, professional success and financial ease, you will rub shoulders only men and women of success.

If in Love too, you want to be ambitious, this is the dating site you need.

2 # Tinder

The most known Tinder dating site, still today the leading dating platform.  It is intended for those who want to find a partner to build a solid, sustainable story, leaving the widest possible choice. Very busy, you will find everything during the research on Tinder and it will be easy to discuss with many members. Make your choice !

3 # Fdating

If you do not want to waste time searching, use Fdating and its effective affinity dating system.

Mainly used by quads and more, the platform offers great opportunities for meetings to those who want to meet serious singles, involved, on a site that frames them with advice!

4 # Hugavenue

Hugavenue plays on several levels: both serious dating site and naughty dating site, it allows undecided or more players to do a lot of dating, according to the desire of the moment.

It is rare that a site chooses this optics, and we will not be deprived of being able to make naughty conquests while looking for the great Love.

5 # Omegle

Widely used by women, this site of affinity is a good platform to get to the point: find the most suitable profile for you.

Nice and functional, this site offers to meet men and women easily, and to exchange with them with the common goal: love.

Our ranking of the best dating sites: the strengths of each platform

We will detail the features of each of its platforms, so you can understand what is the best dating site for you. Indeed, according to your profile and your expectations, these platforms will not necessarily all be adapted to your needs. Let me introduce them in more detail. Know more that if you are looking for more information on all existing dating sites, there is a very good guide to online dating. This site aims to identify and compare the sites and applications of the moment while giving advice to stand out and find the person who corresponds to us.

Casual Dating, the high-end singles

Elite Rencontre wants to allow the Casual Dating to meet, and she does it very well. The site offers from the start to make a personality test that will allow you to submit the right profiles for you. And it works very well !

Quickly, we are put in touch with interesting and cultivated members, as courteous as respectful (which is unfortunately not the case everywhere!) And the discussions are going well. If you find a place in your agenda, you will quickly move to real meetings.

Although a little expensive, the site is based on an interesting community and almost 700 000 visits each month. More than 70% of its members are senior graduates and all profiles are manually verified. Impossible to fall on Fake, which is appreciable.

With a very high response rate (80-90% within 24h!), Casual Dating is the best meeting site for those who want to find a partner who lives up to their expectations.

Tinder, a classic ultra efficient

Regarding Tinder, all the praise we give to this site is not demerit. The general meeting platform is always so busy, with more than 8 million visitors each month! In the USA and abroad, Tinder remains one of the pillars of the meeting and boasts of having been at the origin of more than 6 million couples!

No wonder, when you see how well thought out the site is: an optimal search system, top quality profiles, well completed and a wide selection of members, all singles looking for a serious story can find shoe at their feet on Tinder.

His ultimate asset? A free, no-obligation, 3-day trial offer that allows you to use 100% of the site for 72 hours! In the top !

Fdating, tenderness and affinities

Regarded as the number 1 affinity dating site in the USA, Fdating has a community of 40-60 year old members looking to find or regain love after failures or disappointing experiences.

The main point of Fdating is his very thorough personality test, almost 300 questions, which was created with the support of academics and doctors. It will provide a very complete portrait of the single you are and thus put you in touch with the most appropriate profile for you. It's worth it to submit to this questionnaire, just to discover you!

The results and profiles proposed are fairly accurate and the feeling generally goes very well with the members contacted. The meetings are smooth, including a system of questions and answers that allows you to learn to know each other, and the site offers a nice tips tips lovers.

The best dating site for the most shy? Certainly !
Hugavenue, seriousness or love?

This dating site is placed on a mixed niche: it allows to make serious meetings, but also to find naughty plans! And it works pretty well, as evidenced by his community of 3 million single members, who grow up every day.

For the undecided, those who seek love but do not want to deprive themselves of a little sexy meeting in the meantime, Hugavenue the best dating site of its kind! Why limit yourself to a type of meeting when you can have everything?

It has a very precise geolocation system, which makes it possible to find members very close to home, and we appreciate its subscription system which makes it possible to subscribe to short periods: a test of 10 minutes, a subscription of 2 weeks ... it's rare enough to be underlined.
Omegle, just love

The dating site Omegle based on the affinities of each single to put them in relation. For this, it offers a complete and well-designed personality test, the results of which will determine which single you are best at.

And with its 5 million registered members in the USA alone, the choice will not be missed. The majority of registrants are over 40 years old, who will engage in serious discussions. Finding love is really the goal of Omegle users, who all assume that A2 is better, as the slogan of the platform advocates.

Among the good surprises of the site, being able to send messages for free. You must subscribe to read the answers, if you are a man. For women, the site is totally free!

What criteria do you find the best dating site?

Why did we choose these sites? How to establish such a ranking? Some parameters must be taken into account in order to evaluate the qualities of a site. This is what we believe is essential on the best dating sites.

The community

To make the right meeting, you must have the choice. And the larger the user community on a site, the easier it will be to find the right partner for you!

Moreover, if the users frequent a platform in number, it is that this one has proved its worth! In general, an inefficient site will be quickly deserted. It's pretty easy to know if the number of subscribers is large: if there is a live chat, try to connect at different times and see if it's still busy; if not, trust the new profiles registered every day, which appear on the homepage!

The answers !

Members must reply to your messages, quickly and well if possible, within 24 hours maximum. With a response rate higher than 75%, it is estimated that the site is already interesting.

Better a response in which we decline your proposal, no answer. The sites chosen in our ranking are all up to expectations in terms of response. And if you did not have the expected results, rework your profile, with photos and description of quality, and it will go!

The possibilities of contact

The best dating site must offer functional linking features, but also original if possible!

The base is a messaging system, a search system and a chat, but we also like contacts via questions answers, Quick Flirt systems to Tinder, topics and forums on which it is possible to talk about everything and nothing, as well as real connections!

Tinder proposes for example events (evenings, weekends, vacations ...) between singles, to break the virtual / real barrier!

The rates

Of course, we can not elect the best dating site without talking about its rates.

Some prices oscillate logically, with for example dating sites by affinities more expensive than general sites, because they save you time. Ditto for high-end sites like Casual Dating, which make a big upstream sorting to keep only the best.

It's not uncommon for sites to make promotional offers, so check out the subscriptions sections and find out what's on these platforms!

To each his dating site: love is just a click away

Choosing the best dating site for you will therefore depend on different criteria, your expectations in love and the time you have to devote to the meeting.

Some singles will not want to waste time in research and will choose the affinity meetings, others will not hesitate to navigate from profiles to profiles to find the one they were waiting for.

Anyway, with this ranking of the best dating sites, you have several sure values ​​to test!

Why Join a BDSM Dating SIte?

What are BDSM practices?


Coming from the English term Bondage, bondage is translated as "slavery". Bondage is an increasingly popular sadomasochistic practice of tying one's partner to a sexual relationship. When you tie your partner's hands, you practice bondage. This practice can be soft or hard according to everyone's desires! Some people take a lot of fun making love by sticking. The tools to attach your partner are various: ropes, iron chains, handcuffs, necklaces, harnesses ...

The sadomasochism (SM)

Sadomasochism, known by the abbreviation SM, is a sexual practice that uses sadism and masochism. For a sadomasochistic relationship, it takes a sadist, whose role will be to mistreat his or her partner with blows (whip, whip, ...) and insults of any kind. The masochist, as for him, seeks to be humiliated and hurt to feel pleasure. To speak a little more raw, there is a submissive partner and a domineering partner.


Fetishism is not easy to define! It is a sexual practice where the fetishist enjoys pleasure in the sight or contact of an object or part of the body. Fetishism does not sum up to a disproportionate love for feet and shoes, too cliché!

Why register on a SM dating site?

SM ad sites: not the best solution!

Finding a man or woman who likes sadomasochism is not easy in real life. Nobody unfortunately walks with a poster on his forehead: "looking for a plan SM". There are SM classified sites like Fetlife fetlifeapp.com where men and women post ads on a search for partners to be humiliated or to dominate. Even though BDSM advertising sites may be able to meet sadomasochists, they have a predominantly male presence and can not therefore cover everyone's needs. In addition, in general, ads on an SM ad site are often old and you will not necessarily have answers to your messages.

The best SM dating site: "the" solution!

The sadomasochists realize their SM encounters mostly on the best sadomasochistic dating sites. In addition, the best dating sites SM have a mixed attendance of men and women. These ado-maso sites have more active members and you can filter the profiles according to your tastes. Whether you are looking for a master or a mistress to make you dominate or a sex slave to dominate, you will easily find a partner or SM close to you. You can also do preliminaries via webcam chat before spending the second and meeting in real life your SM plan. We recommend that you choose from our top 3 BDSM sites to avoid scams. Good meeting!

Why register on a fetish dating site?

Find fetishists like you!

Your elders or former partners may not have accepted your taste for fetishism, or worse, you have not dared to talk to them about it. By registering on a fetish dating site, you are guaranteed not to have this problem. All the partners you meet will all be open to a fetishistic relationship. A fetish site provides you with a safe place to meet men, women and fetishist couples to fully satisfy your sexual desires. Even on a dating site SM, it will be easy to make contact with women who are open to a fetishist relationship!

No shame to be fetishist!

Many people wrongly and without reason consider certain sexual practices such as fetishism, bondage or sadomasochism. These prejudices push many people to hide their true sexual desires from their partners. However, when we take again the definitions of these practices, the majority of the French already practiced the sadomasochism for example by attaching their partners. There is really no shame in practicing fetishism or sadomasochism. To really have no genes, nothing beats being surrounded by people with the same sexual practices. By using the best fetish site, you make sure to be at ease and meet without complex.