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Tips to save money on your trip

Here is the tip to save money on your next trip:

1- Choose your travel dates strategically

Do you want to get away from the crowds and in peace? When are the cities not packed with tourists? But when is this possible? The answer is simple: when the kids are in school. Also, prices outside school holidays are generally much lower. If you are a parent, this can be quite problematic. But if not, this is when you should go to save some money on your next trip!

2 - Be smart

Please ensure the industry is not exploiting you. We book a lot of stuff online these days, and businesses are keeping track of our habits. Do you want to search for travel products online while remaining as anonymous as possible? For this, you need to get rid of your cookies and your browsing history if you are searching for tickets. By switching servers when looking for travel information, you can save a lot of money on your next trip. Today many internet browsers offer private browsing, an essential tool for any ticket search.

3 - Be careful to choose the time when you book

Please note: buy your plane ticket during the week. Airlines increase their prices from Friday evening to Monday morning because many travelers prefer to take the time to prepare for their future trip on weekends, quietly installed at home. However, to find a cheap flight, it is advisable to book your plane ticket during the week. Another tip, including a weekend day in your reservation, is usually cheaper than staying only on weekdays. It sets you apart from people who travel for their company.

4 - don't be fooled by the low-cost

Everyone wants to save money while traveling, especially on plane tickets. Some companies sell very cheap tickets, called "basic economy". However, don't be fooled: just because the ticket is cheap doesn't mean it's worth it. Indeed, for this price there, you will have absolutely no service. For example, having the option of taking cabin baggage will require an additional charge. How much does it cost to register a bag? Around 8 dollars. Each option becomes a supplement, such as the choice of your seats, the change of seat, no loyalty points, etc. So be careful when making your reservation and judge if it is worth it. Sometimes, choosing a slightly more expensive ticket will prove to be more economical.

5 - Save on car rental

Some suggestions will help you save money on your car rental. First of all, get there on time and reserve your car well in advance. In many rental companies, the rental price is higher when you have not made a pre-reservation. Also, it is easier to compare the different companies and possible options by doing it in advance. Also prefer a car with a manual gearbox, which is generally more economical than an automatic gearbox. Finally, compare the rental cost between an airport or city pickup, sometimes there is a big difference in price due to airport surcharges.

6- Watch your cruise budget

Cruises as a type of vacation are quite affordable, but everything will be done to push the expense on you once on board. Some cruise lines even charge for any soft drink, and port excursions are overpriced. Some organizations will offer you the same excursions, but much more enjoyable. Indeed, instead of ending up with 40 people in a bus in the heat, you are with about 20 people in a smaller vehicle, often a van that allows you to see more. So by searching a little, you can see more and spend less. Most of the time, people spend too much on a cruise: the casino, the spa. To save money on a cruise, know that you have to show a lot of willpower.

7 - Save money on hotel reservations

My advice for saving money on hosting? Book directly with the hotel - in many cases, this will be cheaper as hotels do not have to pay the booking site commission. Take a look at sites that survey all hotels, go to the hotel's loyalty area, and see if you can save some money. The amount saved varies a lot depending on the hotel. Do not hesitate to call to negotiate.
On the other hand, hotel chains offer membership cards. Therefore, you will benefit from many advantages such as more advantageous prices and the accumulation of loyalty points. Finally, be aware that business hotels are usually empty on weekends or the summer months and can be a good plan for weekend nights.

8- Get a guide for free

Often the best tours you can take in town are free. There are enthusiasts ready to discover their city or their favorite corners for the pleasure of sharing and meeting. For example, the Global Greeter Network brings together volunteer ambassadors in many destinations. In each city, you can find a similar organization. Yes, you can tip at the end, but that means you were very happy with your visit. There are also graduate students worldwide who do not ride the gold and organize the most beautiful, scholarly, and interesting hikes. Just search in a guide or online.

9 - pack your luggage intelligently

My best tip for saving money on baggage is to only use hand baggage - this way, you never pack too much and avoid long waits in front of the airport baggage belts!

10 - Study abroad

If you are a student, several exchange programs allow you to study abroad for a few months or more without having to go into debt.
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