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If the thought of your first road trip scares you, here is some valuable advice. Take note.
Know the route. Tools like Google Maps are very useful to make a first approach to the route, you can also check the altimetry or how broken (curves) the road is. Take the opportunity to take into account stopping places such as service stations, workshops, and restaurants.
The Driver. Wear comfortable clothes, do not drive with flip flops as they can get tangled in the pedals, sleep well; it is advisable to sleep between 7 and 8 hours before the trip. It is good to hydrate with drinks, and take breaks or take active breaks with stretching exercises.
Car ready. The vehicle must be ready and in optimal mechanical condition. Everything should work for you, do an inspection and take it to the mechanic if necessary but never the day before the trip. The documents of the car and yours must be up to date. You should also have to check the rental car properly. Always try to rent a car from a reputable car rental company. You can rent a car in Karachi from Carlay Car Rental.
The departure time. It is very important to set a departure time, and if you are a novice, it is advisable to leave at a time when there is not too much traffic so that you do not start the trip with stress. Check the road and weather reports. The first time it is better to start driving in the day, hopefully, clear and dry. At night or in the rain, things are more complicated for a novice.
The rules. Make sure you know the traffic laws and the rules of the road, the different lanes and their use, speed limits, reading, and interpretation of the signs.
The handling. Drive away from home. When you get to the highways or exits of the city, get on at the same speed as those already coming down the road, not too fast or too slow. Use your turn signals to alert other drivers to your maneuvers, check your mirrors for no cars oncoming and your blind spot. You should see the cars on the road and adjust your speed to merge safely.
When driving on dual carriageways, remember that the left lane is for passing only. If you are a novice stay in the right lane at a reasonable speed at which you can control the car.
If another driver presses it, ignore it, and continue on your way, you should always pass it on the left. Stay in the lane until you feel safe and in control, little by little, you can increase your speed without exceeding the limits and practice the lane change.
With rain or mist. For a 'first-time' driver on the road, this can be a bad or risky experience due to poor visibility and wet surfaces. If the weather definitely terrifies you and the rain surprises you on the way, it is best to find a safe place by the side of the road, hopefully, a stop and wait. Never use the high beams in foggy conditions; better the socks and the explorers. Drive close to the center line, so you have more room in the event of an emergency. Use the air conditioner to defog the windows.