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The time comes when you unroll them in fear that they will look dirty, discolored, or full of dust. Do you wonder if you have saved them well? If you take good care of them? If you wash them too little or too much? Whether you are one of those who keep these accessories during the hot months or those who have carpets on in winter and summer, these basic recommendations on their care will help you.
If you are still at the starting point, that is, in choosing this critical piece in the decoration of your home, there are specific details that you should know. For example, the four keys to choosing it are location, available space, use, and decorative style. These criteria will determine the material of the carpet, its ease of cleaning, and its durability. All the rooms in our home may need a rug, from the living room to the bedrooms, and add the specialists through the corridor. And when talking about the use that we are going to give, it is also essential to know the familiar characteristics. For example, if you have children or pets at home, you should choose a rug with faded colors to withstand multiple cleanings. It is advisable to reserve light-colored carpets for low-traffic areas; they point out.
Another tip that can help you in the choice has to do with the colors. If you are looking for the room to appear more spacious and luminous, in Sumner, experts recommend light tones, such as sand, beige, ivory, stone, taupe, and dark ones are more suffered, but they darken and dwarf the room or room .

Summer or winter carpet: are there differences?

The rugs can be for summer or winter, and the differences will depend on our expectations. For the hot months, we want it to bring us freshness. On the other hand, for the cold season, we are looking for the opposite, which gives us warmth, which wraps us, which helps temper the room's climate. The carpets act as insulation from the cold, saving up to 6% of natural gas consumption.
So, fiber, vinyl or raffia rugs, and light textile materials such as cotton are ideal for the summer. For winter, thicker and more abundant woven rugs will be perfect, such as wool or synthetic fibers such as polyester, "The colors will also vary a lot depending on the season of the year, more cheerful and lively for summer, even prints, and more sober and neutral for winter, "they point out.
Some methods will help you keep your rugs looking fresh.
  1. The first weeks, it is recommended to clean them with a soft hair broom. We must avoid using the vacuum cleaner during the first month.
  2. It is recommended to sweep the carpet in the direction of the pile. And if you see any loss of lint, nothing happens. It is usual for this to occur after the sweep.
  3. It is not convenient to hit the carpet to shake it. With this gesture, what you do is damage the fabric and, thereby, reduce its useful life. If you did, let it be the part of the base, the one that rests on the ground.

Cleaning time: how to do it correctly?

The most suitable Cleaning services will depend on the type of fabric and its size. The most important thing is to look at the manufacturer's specifications, "If it clearly says that the cleaning is dry, we have no choice but to take it to the dry cleaner," they add.
On the contrary, if there is an alternative to dry cleaning, then it will be necessary to resort to the dry cleaner if it is of large dimensions, more than anything for convenience. If the carpet is small and ductile, it can be washed at home, but always by hand and with mild detergents. The drying must be in the open air so that the fibers regain their consistency naturally.
The ideal is to take the carpet to the dry cleaner once a year for deep cleaning. There are different washing systems, and not all are suitable for all rugs. "Many are washed with soap and water, then rinsed, drained, and passed to a dryer. But others require dry cleaning, with presses, etc.",
The carpet, at home or anywhere, what you often need is a good vacuum so that dust does not accumulate, because otherwise, it can become a nest of dirt that is difficult to remove. Dry cleaners recommend vacuuming carpets every day. But, as sometimes there is not enough time, the minimum would be to do it 1 or 2 times a week. And how? Most importantly, the vacuum cleaner has good suction to suck as deep as possible, like those with a rotating brush.

Remove stains

Coffee, wine, sweets, ink… on the carpet! It can happen to anyone. How to act? It will depend on the magnitude of the problem because if we see that we cannot handle it at home, it will be better to take it to a dry cleaner. "It may be that when you try to touch it, it will end up damaging the carpet more,"
But if you think you can remove the stain at home, you can try these recommendations that the experts give:
  • it would help if you did is follow the manufacturer's instructions to use the right products, and you can choose those specific products for maintenance.
  • If the liquid has been spilled, wipe it with a paper towel or absorbent cloth.
  • Wipe a colorless cotton cloth with a specific cleaning product to clean carpets or with soapy water if it is not a challenging stain.