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Seven tips from cleaning professionals

Do you want a cleaner house, but feel that you are the exact opposite of a cleaning artist? Maybe you're just not used to cleaning, or you don't like the idea - or maybe you lack the theory and practice needed to make your home shine in a new light. We have gathered 7 top tips offered by cleaning specialists, which will help you live in a cleaner house.

Make an hour

Professionals do not consider cleaning an activity they do if they have time - they make a precise schedule in which they set when and what to clean. Of course, you will not clean eight hours a day, but anyway, it is good to make a program to help you get used to a cleaning routine more easily.
Adapt your cleaning schedule to your lifestyle; if you have more time on weekends, you can do most of the cleaning then, but if you are desperately waiting for Friday to go on a two-day trip, maybe it's better to clean up during the week. If you clean regularly, according to the established schedule, it will be much easier for you to organize your house and keep it clean.

Choose the right clothes

Cleaning specialists wear the right clothes when they do their job - comfortable, easy-to-wash clothes that don't confuse their movements are the right choice for this activity. You must follow this practice; if you clean your day clothes, they will probably get dirty, stained with detergents or, at best, filled with sweat.
If you are properly dressed, you move more easily and, in addition, you can sit or lie on the floor without problems, to clean a stubborn stain - without any consequences for your clothes.

Invest in the right equipment

Cleaning specialists rarely use universal cleaning agents or cleaning accessories purchased from any store. To save time and money, they prefer to invest in their favorite tools that work.
You can do the same; invest in specialized detergents for every part of the house and take your utensils to help you really clean your house. The initial cost may be a little higher, but you will eventually realize that such an investment helps you save a lot of time and money.

Get things off the ground

The activity that consumes you the most time when cleaning is picking up things on the floor, putting them back in place, and tidying up the whole house. Admit it - would you propose to a professional cleaning company that you hire to do your cleaning, to collect your things on the floor, on the tables, or in other places when they do your cleaning?
A tidy house is cleaned much faster, so you must first make sure that the floor and other surfaces are as empty as possible - and then attack them with a vacuum cleaner and broom. Sliding on empty surfaces is a pleasure, believe us!

Be ready

How do you clean the bathroom? You take a sponge and then - ups! - You realize you forgot the detergent in the basement. Run to get the detergent, then rub the tub, you want to wipe on the floor - ups! - You forgot the mop. It's on the balcony…
This style consumes too much time and energy, so prepare everything you need in advance - and thus ensure better productivity in a shorter time!

Be efficient

It is very rare for a cleaning specialist to go through a room several times. You can do the same, if you organize yourself properly. Clean all surfaces in an area at the same time and only then move on - this saves time and works more efficiently.

Keep your focus

Cleaning professionals never interrupt their work just to watch their favorite show. They finish first, and only then do they rest.
You should do the same; take your task seriously, concentrate, and rest only after you are done. Resting in a beautiful and clean house is definitely much sweeter!
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