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Road trip: 10 tips to keep costs as low as possible

A beautiful and long car journey looming in front of you? Here are some tips for not spending too quickly on a road trip.

1. Make a budget

We all know it's best to have a vacation budget, but we often fail to do so. This will allow you to establish guidelines so that there is no slippage at the financial level and unpleasant surprises during the return.
Monitoring your daily expenses also allows you to spoil yourself at the right times.

2. Have your vehicle inspected before leaving

Before departure, a visit to your mechanic is essential. In this way, you will save time, worries and above all, money! Because of mechanical problems while traveling often result in huge costs ...
Plus, if you find yourself in a country that puts you at a disadvantage in terms of the exchange rate, you'll see the bill go up even faster. Prevention is better than cure!

3. Drive economically

Nothing stops pressing you; after all, you're on vacation, right? Decrease your speed and use cruise control when possible. Avoid hard braking and rapid acceleration. Also, make sure your tires are properly inflated at all times.
You will notice a significant difference on the gas bill. On a long road trip, the smallest details have an impact on the total fuel consumption.

4. Find out about variations in gasoline prices

Fuel prices differ slightly from province to province and from city to city. Smartphone applications let you know the lowest cost.
Travel and refuel with this information in mind. You will save a good amount of money!

5. Avoid shopping in convenience stores

Make sure you always have everything you need to eat and drink in your vehicle. Go to the store to buy your drinks and snacks in large quantities. The cost per unit will obviously be reduced.

6. Prepare your meals rather than going to a restaurant

Restaurants are often one of the biggest expenses when traveling. By car, you have the advantage of being able to carry your pantry with you.
The cooler is just as essential. You can choose for an electric model that turns into a mini-fridge when you ride. Besides, add a burner and dishes to your safe.

7. Stay several nights in the same place

If possible, plan your trips to stay in the same places for several days. In camping as in a hotel, several establishments offer promotions when you stay there for more than two nights.
Find out, a free night or at a reduced price is never to be neglected!

8. Sleep in campsites

Generally speaking, camping is the best option for sleeping at a low cost.

9. Book your hotel online or negotiate on site

The available Wi-Fi throughout allows you to book your hotel as you progress on your trip. There would be many sites that offer discounted rates for a large number of accommodations.

10. Buy subscriptions

For nature lovers who wish to discover several national or provincial parks, annual subscriptions reduce the visits' cost. As for the museums, some are part of a group and open the doors of several establishments to you with a membership card's purchase.
The various subscriptions offer considerable savings, don't forget to take them into consideration.

As a bonus ...

Don't overload your schedule with paid activities. Of course, some attractions are essential, even if they add to the trip's overall cost. However, outside of these, there are several options available to you without an associate cost.
By browsing the Internet and stopping at tourist information kiosks, you will discover a variety of free activities depending on where your car takes you.
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