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Is going on an organized trip a good or bad idea?

While some more adventurous people like to think outside the box and visit their destination country at their own pace, vacationers looking for comfort prefer to opt for organized trips. Indeed, going on a group trip offers the advantage of being guided from start to finish, even if it is a formula that is not free of drawbacks either.


One of the advantages of this kind of trip is that everything is organized by an agency. From transport to various tours, including catering, every detail is prepared in advance. Therefore, it is not necessary to rent a car, look for the right addresses, or fumble through the menus; the meals are often already ordered, which saves time, avoids falling ill, and makes better use of the visits.
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The knowledge in advance and in detail of the trip also reassures a number of travelers and allows to leave peacefully. This alternative is ideal for family trips, especially since the security problem no longer arises.
Group travel also offers the opportunity to meet new people. It is a good choice for single people. All activities are generally thought out in this group spirit, and meals are taken together in a friendly atmosphere.
Depending on the agency, this type of trip can be tailor-made if the participants come from the same entity. This choice allows you to benefit from a well-filled travel diary adapted to the group's specific needs.
Group travel also gives the opportunity to discover places and regions that we would not necessarily have thought of by going alone. Travel professionals know each destination very well and trusting them avoids missing out on the most interesting sights.
In addition, the cost is undoubtedly one of the attractions of this tour. Some charges, such as transportation, are shared while others, such as meals, are negotiated in advance by the agency, which significantly reduces the trip's total price.
Finally, it is sometimes more pleasant to let yourself be guided by a professional who knows the key sites than to waste time looking in books or finding a good local guide. In general, the tour guides provided by the companies have a thorough understanding of the locations, are knowledgeable about the costs of admission to different sites, and even have special access that allows them to skip the lines, even during peak season. As a result, the chances of being lost or being conned are much smaller.

The inconvenients

Among the disadvantages of group travel, it is necessary to note the timetables and fixed dates. This constraint does not always appeal to all travelers. The departure and return date and the timetables are established in advance by the agency, and you will have to comply with them.
Don't expect to follow your own pace and schedule breaks between visits, either. The tone is set from the start by the agency, and the itinerary is respected so as to sometimes speed up visits so as not to fall behind or to be able to include as many activities as possible in the stay.
Generally, the group trip is a fairly standard formula. All the participants rarely share the same centers of interest, and the agency must satisfy the group to the detriment of particular desires. As a result, visits are often limited to the most touristic and well-known places. With such a program, people wanting to better understand the country's culture or meet the locals can find themselves a little frustrated.
You must also be careful because health & repatriation insurance is not always included in this type of offer. It is advisable to be well informed beforehand and to take the necessary measures to avoid any disappointment.
Going on a group trip is an interesting alternative for meeting new people, getting away from it all at low cost, and not wasting time organizing your stay. On the other hand, active holidaymakers who seek adventure, authenticity, and contact with the population above all may be disappointed by this formula. It's up to you to see if this is an offer suited to your profile. However, even if a group start is more reassuring, it is still essential to be covered in the event of a problem. Find out all you need to know about travel insurance on ACS .