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We tend to neglect and forget about the maintenance of our roof. However, it is an element that deserves our attention since it is the most important part of our home. Indeed, the roof offers maximum protection against different bad weather, and if it were to deteriorate, the consequences would be terrible in various areas: comfort, security, and financial. If there is moss on your roof, don't wait to remove it, and here are some tips for it.

Roof cleaners

Baking soda: Did you know baking soda can easily pick up moss on the roof? But still, this product delays its reappearance. Water the roof with bicarbonate water (30 grams per liter of hot water). If necessary, feel free to sprinkle baking soda on the roof and scrub with a brush. By maintaining your roof regularly, you extend its longevity while avoiding water infiltration.
Bleach: This trick involves cleaning the roof with a mixture of TSP or trisodium phosphate, bleach, and water. Take a gallon of water, ¼ cup of TSP, and ¼ of bleach. Mix well, and put in a spray bottle. Then spray the affected areas. Use a pump sprayer for large removable roofs or roofs with a lot of moss. Wait about fifteen minutes before rinsing with a garden hose.
Oxygen bleaching: Instead of this mixture, you can also use oxygen bleaching. This product is known to remove stains so that the roof regains its youth. However, this defoamer technique requires some scrubbing, but it works very well on small areas with a lot of moss or on areas with a lot of fungus growth. By doing this, you maintain the aesthetic appearance of your home.

How to access your roof safely?

To remove the moss from your roof, you will have to climb on it. Be careful, however, not to do anything because you will have to evolve more than 7 meters above the ground.
  1. Of course, you are going to need a ladder. It must be high enough to avoid taking unnecessary risks. Ideally, someone will be there to hold the ladder. If this is not possible, the ladder must be hung on a solid point. So you can forget about the gutters.
  2. If you can afford it, you can also invest in a roofing ladder or even a carpenter's belt. The latter will allow you to have both hands free.
  3. Finally, this may seem obvious to you, but do not climb on your roof if the weather conditions are not optimal. The roof must be perfectly dry, and there must be no wind. Also, avoid very sunny days, as you literally risk cooking on your roof. In short, clean your roof on a cloudy day.
If you don't feel it, don't take any chances. Instead, ask for roof renovation quotes from several professionals to be able to compare the different services and their prices.

Good to know

  • If the foams are very thick, before doing anything, remove the larger ones with a broom.
  • To prevent moss, algae, mold, fungi, and lichens, always remember to spray your roof with an algaecide defoamer once a year.
  • Do the anti-moss treatment on your roof on a clear day, on hot days without rain. The ideal period is to do it in the spring. Moreover, this will allow you to see the various attacks suffered during the cold period.
  • If you want to limit the appearance of moss and mold, cut trees near the roof, and prune vegetation along the exterior facades.
  • If you are going to do this on your own, ensure your safety by wearing work gloves, safety glasses, a hard hat, and non-slip footwear and using a safety harness. Also, make sure the ladder is sturdy and secure.
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