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Here comes the schedule for an effective office cleaning

Cleaning the office professionally must be done by office managers, in their duties, ensuring cleanliness, tidiness, and a positive atmosphere are the main concerns in this activity. In various big cities, dust and dirt can greatly interfere with employees' and company guests' performance. Therefore, one of the best ways to ensure efficient office cleaning is to schedule and separate cleaning activities into daily, weekly, and monthly agendas, as follows.

Daily cleaning tasks

Some of the cleaning tasks that must be done every day are:
  1. Sweeping / vacuuming, cleaning the floor every day is a must; this is to ensure that dust and dirt on the floor can be cleaned before it becomes a stubborn crust
  2. Mopping is no less important than the first activities; they must be carried out in sequence. In addition, it would be better if, in the process of mopping the floor, we use a disinfectant to kill germs and bacteria, especially on the bathroom floor and its surroundings.
  3. Wiping metal surfaces, every office must have surface parts made of metal, such as doorknobs, handles, and so on, which employees use every day. If this is left unchecked, it will make fingerprints on the surface, and it will look unsightly, which will also be bad for office managers if it doesn't look clean during working hours.
  4. Emptying the trash, besides emptying it, we also need to add a liner or plastic in the trash so that the waste removal process is more efficient and effective, besides that this can also protect the trash and extend its life.
  5. Cleaning toilets, this room is a room frequented by employees other than workstations. Therefore, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness for this room is an obligation; apart from cleaning the toilets and sinks, another thing that needs to be done is to refill hand washing soap and toilet paper and ensure that there are no stains or dust on the bathroom mirror.

Weekly cleaning tasks.

Apart from doing daily tasks, there are also some tasks that can be done once a week and don't need to be done every day, which consist of the following tasks:
  1. Polishing wooden furniture such as tables, shelves, and various other furniture. Along with the long use of these objects, they can remove their shine and smoothness so weekly maintenance such as polishing furniture made of is highly recommended so that they are maintained and always look like new.
  2. To empty the refrigerator, in some offices there are refrigerators that can be used by employees, but if it is not properly maintained, it will cause waste, both energy, and other resources, especially if your office refrigerator often stores natural food ingredients that have a long life. Limited storage will increase the amount of waste. Therefore, emptying and cleaning the refrigerator is also a weekly cleaning plan that must be done. This can also be optimized with the first in, first out rule to minimize waste.
  3. Cleaning the windows, even though your window glass still looks clean, there is a pile of dust from outside, which if not cleaned will disturb the appearance of the office in the eyes of guests and visitors; besides cleaning the glass, you also have to ensure that your window frames are clean from dirt and dust, at least do this cleaning every week regularly.

Monthly cleaning tasks

Monthly cleaning tasks are special cleaning tasks that don't need to be performed as often as daily or weekly tasks. However, monthly cleaning is also important to keep the room sterilized from various kinds of pollutants that can be harmful; here are some examples of monthly cleaning:
  1. Cleaning the carpet, at least use a vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet from dust, dirt, and microorganisms such as mites or fleas. It is also important for carpets in office spaces, especially carpets in the guest waiting room; guest comfort can be affected by your floor rugs' cleanliness.
  2. Your window curtains or window blinds may not get as dirty as the floor. Still, if you leave them untreated for months, they can make your curtains look shabby and dusty; if an important client visits your office where the curtains look shabby, maybe you will lose an important contract just because of that. Therefore, wipe at least once a month your curtains or window blinds; in addition to using a wet cloth, don't forget to also use cleaning fluid so that the results are maximum and safe from bacteria.
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