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In today's highly competitive retail industry, providing a beautifully presented business environment - clean windows, shiny floors, and immaculate premises - is essential to delivering a positive customer experience. A clean store provides a feeling of comfort and confidence in your products and your store and helps in sales and customer retention.
We have experience of more than four years in daily and occasional cleaning services for independent shops and outlets, certain chain stores, and some of the most recognized national wholesalers. Our commercial cleaning agents are specially trained to maintain or sparkle shops,  stores, department stores, and shopping centers. We pride ourselves on working with many stores, from independent retailers to large chains or large complexes. Our ability, our dedication and our desire to exceed expectations is the reason why we have been successful in securing renewed contracts with our clients.
We develop cleaning programs adapted to your particular situation: late at night or early in the morning to guarantee an always perfect environment, to minimize disruptions in your operations, and to preserve your brand reputation by ensuring that your expectations and those of your customers are met...
All of our agents and housekeepers are carefully assessed and can undertake the following tasks:
  • Professional cleaning of all floors
  • Cleaning of sales units and displays
  • Cleaning of staff areas
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Security management and control
  • Window washing
  • Office cleaning
  • Cleaning of toilets and sanitary facilities

Cleanliness of stores, boutiques and retail businesses

As maintenance methods and hygiene rules may vary from one business to another, it is important to call on experienced professionals who know the needs and requirements of your business. Our know-how in industrial cleaning allows us to intervene for many types of activities. For shops, the exterior appearance of the premises is particularly important before or during a first visit. The windows, the window, the sign, the sidewalk, and the possible parking lot are not to be neglected. Added to this is the real need to minimize soiling upon entering the store and to keep display areas and access routes clean. Cleaning of windows, floors, furniture, everything is done according to your needs. We are in principle able to establish and deliver a suitable cleaning program for any store or business. Those who call on us most often are as examples:
  • Clothing and fashion stores
  • Shoe stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Opticians
  • Perfumeries
  • Hair salons
  • Independent retailers and artisan shops

Cleaning services in supermarkets and large retail outlets

Our experience in providing cleaning services to supermarkets or big box stores (specialist or generalist) means that we understand the logistics of how these must be cleaned. In addition, we are used to working in direct contact and in harmony with department store managers to meet their cleanliness needs to spend more time focusing on running their store well.
We specialize in complete and tailor-made solutions, and can we take care of the regular maintenance or the occasional and thorough cleaning of all the premises and surfaces of the building:
  • aisles and customer passage areas
  • Home
  • payment boxes
  • fridges and cold rooms
  • reserves and warehouses
  • windows
  • elevators
  • stairs
  • car park
  • toilets and sanitary facilities
  • offices and administrative premises
  • meeting room
  • cloakrooms
  • local trash cans

Maintenance of galleries and shopping centers

The high attendance of shopping centers requires regular and draconian cleaning. The regular passage of hundreds, even thousands of people a day in shopping centers is synonymous with "dirt", drained according to climatic conditions (rain, snow, wind), the indifference of some people (random deposit of packaging of all kinds, forgetting to wipe your feet, ...) and holiday periods when the crowds are felt.

At closing time, the result of such an upsurge is inevitably visible

Cleaning has solutions adapted to these cases and offers intensive cleaning services to restore shine to shopping centers before the time of reopening arrives, and of course, throughout the day.
During each of our interventions, we use appropriate techniques and equipment and maintenance products carefully selected together for your greatest satisfaction.

Occasional cleaning and seasonal visits

Beyond the contractually scheduled missions, we carry out ad hoc interventions à la carte, including urgently if necessary. Our agents always operate them with the utmost discretion. We can also meet your occasional needs for temporary workers, to manage additional activities linked to holiday or sales periods, for example.
If your store is carpeted, you don’t have to be worry; contact Premier Janitorial for the professional carpet cleaning services in Auburn.