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Carpet cleaning and maintenance: cheap and ecological tricks

We like carpets, and we want to maintain them as well and for as long as possible, but cleaning them is often a difficult and complicated task.
Although interior maintenance specialists recommend beating the carpets on the classic bar or rubbing them well with snow in winter, such practices are losing more and more popularity.
We live in the technological age, and now high-performance vacuum cleaners can successfully deal with dust without us making any effort.
But a vacuum cleaner, even the latest generation, fails completely to revive a carpet's colors, restore the structure of the fabric so that it no longer looks battered, and remove those unbearable stains that I accidentally caused.
Well, today, we will see some ways you can clean and maintain your modern or classic carpets with economical and environmentally friendly methods that go beyond specific carpet cleaners or state-of-the-art technologies.

Long-term maintenance

  • The weekly vacuuming ensures your carpet a long life by preventing the deposition of particles that damage it over time. If you have a very large carpet that supports permanent traffic, divide the carpet into equal areas (you can use colored string to see the squares and rectangles thus formed) and vacuum the most subject areas to heavy traffic or dust.
  • Small carpets (carpets, sleepers, bath or kitchen rugs, fabric rugs) can be machine washed at special programs.
You can also give your carpets a general cleaning every few months using the usual baking soda.
Sprinkle baking soda over the carpet and leave it like this overnight. The next day washes the carpet with a little warm water, rubbing well with a brush. Rinse and dry with cotton cloths and vacuum the baking soda residue. This is a product with a granular texture that can remove dust and dirt even from clogged carpets - it is an alkaline substance that dissolves dirt without affecting the carpet fabric.
In addition, baking soda eliminates the unpleasant odor of carpets, leaving them odorless.

Refreshing colors

Carpet cleaning and maintenance: cheap and ecological tricksWhether you have a classic rug, Persian type, or you have one of those fluffy and modern rugs, plain or in color combinations, over time, the shades begin to lose their shine, becoming faded and dull .
Mix a solution of 2/5 turpentine and 3/5 water or 2/5 vinegar and 3/5 water. Rub the carpet well with a rough brush, and you will see how the colors come back to life.

Stain removal

Carpet cleaning and maintenance: cheap and ecological tricks you have just spilled liquid on the carpet, use mineral water immediately so that the stain comes out more easily and cotton cloths to remove excess liquid.
  • You can try to prevent the liquid from penetrating deep by applying plenty of table salt on the stained area. This will absorb the spilled liquid and help keep the stain from spreading over a large area.
  • An ammonia-water solution will remove fresh coffee stains, carbonated juices, tea, or soup. Rinse well with water immediately after rubbing the stain so as not to discolor the carpet. A carpet of wool, special textiles, or less common colors should be cleaned of stains with professional products to avoid risks.
  • Fresh stains also come out with a solution of water and vinegar. Then rinse well and dry the carpet with clean cotton cloths. Tea and coffee come out pretty quickly with cold water mixed with a little glycerin.
  • Alcohol stains come out with warm water and detergent, but be careful with red wine because it is quite difficult to remove. In this case, you may need specific carpet cleaning products.
  • If you have a grease stain on the carpet (oil, butter, etc.), it is best to apply a sheet of paper on the stain and then iron it with an iron. Grease stains come out faster, and if you quickly apply talcum powder or cornstarch powder on them to absorb grease and prevent the stain from spreading. Immediately after, clean with warm water and dishwashing detergent, rinse and dry.
Carpets are invaluable accessories in your home. Take care of them and clean them economically and ecologically and enjoy their rich textures and their gorgeous colors for as long as possible!
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