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If you want to go on a vacation or business trip, we recommend that you book a car in advance. In this case, you will receive a better price and a guarantee that the vehicle will be waiting for you on the ordered day and place.

Order in advance.

Upon arrival, you may find that cars of the desired price class are out of stock, which is highly likely to happen during the tourist season. You can order a car rental both at the company's head office in and at major travel agencies.

Pay for the car.

We recommend paying for your car rental abroad (cash, credit card, or bank transfer) because this will leave you more free funds on your credit card. However, you should be aware that a certain amount (usually 20% of the rental price + the cost of a full tank of fuel) can be booked on your card.

Take your credit card with you.

Large car rental companies require a credit card as a guarantee (two credit cards in the case of more expensive models). Cash can be accepted as a guarantee in small companies, but, as a rule, the terms of the contract in these cases are more stringent, and your responsibility is greater.

Join the Avis Preferred program.

We will create a personal profile for you in our system. This will show car rental companies that you are a reliable customer and save you the hassle of filling out paperwork: the ordering officer will find your details in the company's international database. Click here to apply for a card.

Read the contract.

Every contract signed is binding - even if you have not read or understood it. In any case, you should not sign any agreements in languages ​​you do not understand. Also, it is always worth asking for insurance terms and conditions.

Learn about age restrictions and additional obligations.

Car rental companies usually rent cars to customers who are at least 21 years old, in the case of expensive models, 25 years old. Delivery and collection of the vehicle can be done free of charge or for a fee. An airport tax can be added to the rental price if the rental starts or ends at the airport. The car can only be driven by the person specified in the rental agreement. An additional driver can be added for a fee.

The car can be rented daily.

 Every 24 hours is counted as a day. Suppose the vehicle is returned later than 29 minutes after the expiration of the contract (or at the end of the day). In that case, the additional daily fee will be automatically added to the final invoice. If the car was rented for a weekend or the order was booked at an impressive rate, returning the car earlier may make the final rental more expensive.

Weekends are cheaper.

Better car rental rates are offered on weekends (Friday to Monday). The longer the rental period, the lower the daily rate.

Check the car upon receipt...

 Check the vehicle carefully upon pick-up and request that all damage (including scratches) be included in the rental agreement. Otherwise, you may be charged an additional fee for damage that you did not cause.

Inform the police about all accidents.

If you have an accident, do not forget to report it to the police and get a written certificate from the insurance company. You should also contact the car rental company immediately (Avis has a 24-hour hotline in every country).

Let us know your bonus card number.

You can earn bonus frequent flyer miles when you choose Avis. Please provide us with your airline bonus card number when you book your car to collect frequent flyer miles.

Essential tips for renting a car

  • Pay attention to some of the features of the car. If you have dealt with mechanical control before, then do not choose vehicles with automatic transmission. The same goes for the location of the steering wheel (right/left side).
  • Choose a brand for your trip. For example, you should not rent a luxury car if you are going out of town for a weekend. If at the same time a company of 5 people or more is planned, then it is easier to rent a minibus, it will be more practical.
  • Ask if the car has an insurance policy. It will be required under unforeseen circumstances (accident).
  • Read the terms of the contract carefully. If there is a lot of small print information, then it is better to refuse to rent in this company.
  • Specify the rental tariff (cost per day, week, and month), at what age you can use the service, and it is vital to know the fuel consumption of a particular car.
  • Decide whether you need a rental with or without a driver.
  • If you plan a trip, it will be much more profitable to rent a car with all the amenities (navigator, air conditioner, recorder, etc.).
  • Find out exactly where the car will be delivered to you. Companies with a severe reputation serve up a car anywhere in the city and will pick it up from anywhere.
  • Always choose Carlay car rental for rent a car in Islamabad.