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A clean office are pure thoughts

Offices that are clean and tidy are a great place to concentrate, be productive, and relax. Offices that have not been cleaned for several weeks are quickly becoming home to germs of bacteria and parasites. As is well known, most bacteria and parasites can cause disease and even breathing problems.
A clean office promotes concentration and increases productivity, clean office promotes concentration and increases productivity
We spend a lot of time at the desk, and not only do we work, but we also sneeze, cough, eat, and sometimes pour something out. Bacteria and dirt that remain on the desktop and keyboard are spread throughout the office. No wonder our desk becomes a small microbial zoo. Research has found that up to 10 million bacteria are found in a typical workplace. That's even more than you'll find on the kitchen counter and on the toilet seat.

Tips for cleaning the workplace

Forget the amount of bacteria that are in your workplace. Here are some tips on how to make your office a comfortable and clean place suitable for productive work.

Start with the keyboard

Disconnect the keyboard from the computer and blow dust and dirt off the keyboard with compressed air. Take cotton swabs, soak them decently in alcohol, and disinfect the individual keys from the side. Finally, take the disinfectant spray, which is applied to the keyboard, and wipe it with a clean paper towel. Instead of a spray, special wipes can be used, which are soaked in disinfectant.

Wipe dust off the monitor

Unplug the monitor from the computer and from the electrical outlet, moisten a non-abrasive (soft) microfiber cloth, and wipe it. Be careful not to rub the monitor. We recommend using a high-quality microfiber cloth that does not leave smudges and scratches. After wiping the monitor, shake the cloth into the sink, wash the cloth in your hand, and rinse everything.

Vacuum around your desk

Take a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the carpet around your desk, an office chair, preferably with an upholstery attachment, a mouse pad, the space between the binders, and all corners of the desk. You will get rid of old settled dust, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites. We recommend that you also carefully vacuum both the printer and the computer case. Always vacuum electrical appliances after disconnecting from the mains.

Pay attention to the little things

We touch the mouse and phone countless times during the working day. Therefore, we recommend disinfecting these devices as well. In addition, you can throw yourself on the headset, microphone, and everything you use at work.

Get your table in order

It may be trivial or useless for someone, but a tidy work environment supports your productivity and relaxes the mind. You don't have to remember where you put the stapler or your favorite pen. Make a system for work matters, and you will always find them where you put them. Of course, unless a colleague borrows the item from the next table without permission.

Get in the habit

From experience, we recommend creating a reminder in your electronic diary or calendar that reminds you once a week that you have to clean your desk. You can also choose a shorter cleaning frequency, but only if you do not use your office space much. Spend 10 minutes of your cleaning time, and your workplace will never become a huge cleaning project.
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