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8 tips for renting your car for a successful vacation

Renting a car for the holidays can be very economical as long as you follow a few very simple rules. Our tips for worry-free car rental go through three stages: before the rental, the day of rental, and the use of the rented vehicle.

Here are some tips for renting your car for a successful vacation:

Determine your needs

What type of vehicle do you need and for how many people? How long would you need the rental car for? And the GPS option, is it really necessary? It will be easier for you to position yourself in the appropriate vehicle category if you know your needs. 

The earlier, the cheaper

The golden rule for a quiet vacation is organization. Wait to reserve your vehicle, as rental rates go up if you do not. This is even more true for rentals in high season. So remember to book the car you prefer a few weeks, or even a few months in advance.
When making your reservation, remember to specify the options you want, such as child seats and the bike rack. Please note, in some countries, these options are not common: outside of Europe, if you want two child seats, for example, book as early as possible.

Choose a professional

Nowadays, it is possible to rent a car. But be aware that it is recommended that you hire a car with a company recognized in this sector in all cases. Indeed, the lessor can offer you services, options, and prices in complete transparency. This is not the case for renting with an individual. 

Book quickly

It is no longer a secret. Like hotel rooms, it is better to book your rental car in advance. And this for three reasons. First of all, you will be able to benefit from a low rate. Then you will have more choices regarding the availability of cars. Finally, you can plan your stay on-site in peace. 

Compare the rates

A crucial step when renting a car, especially to save money. Many sites offer an online car comparator on their site. You can access vehicle availability in real-time and compare rental prices. 

Find out about the different guarantees

Unlike insurance, optional guarantees can be added to your car rental. The franchise buyback, for example, can be added by the customer. It will thus be covered against mishaps such as accidents or theft. You can also carefully check whether the essential guarantees are well and truly present in your rental contract. This will prevent you from overpaying the rental car.

Check the vehicle

Before strolling on the roads of the island, it is imperative to inspect your rental car. Everything must be combed through, the exterior as well as the interior of the rental vehicle. Whether you are renting a passenger car or a utility vehicle, remember to report any defects you have seen to the rental company. This action makes it possible to considerably avoid disputes when you drop off the vehicle at the end of your car rental.

Rent a car without surprises

At the rental itself, a little advice asks the right questions and all the questions. Even though things may seem obvious, don't hesitate to ask questions. Ask for example:
  • a list of emergency telephone numbers for the country you are visiting
  • the telephone number of the rental office
  • the type of fuel needed for your vehicle
  • procedures for returning the rented vehicle (how much gasoline to leave, for example), etc.
Do not forget to inspect the vehicle before leaving and have your rental company ascertain any possible damage to the vehicle (scratches, soiling of the seats, etc.)
And reading all the booking conditions will help you avoid any big surprises that could spoil your vacation.
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