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5 Ways to Generate Passive Income

There are many ways to generate passive income. Some plans to create passive income require more dedication and others more start-up capital as an investment. The best example is the difference between buying a house to rent versus generating an income online.
In this article you will read the 100 ways to become a millionaire.

Here are some passive income ideas you can use to earn more each month and achieve financial freedom:

  • Create digital content
  • Rent your assets
  • Create an online sales business
  • Get income from your savings
  • Copyright and royalties

1. Create digital content

If you wonder how to generate passive income with automated systems to earn money, content may be one of the answers. In addition, the advantage is that there are different models to achieve this, from eBooks to online courses through video-courses or the famous info-products.
It is enough to choose a topic that you are an expert on, either professionally or as a hobby, and you stop to think what you can contribute to other people. Collect all your knowledge in your preferred format and put it to sell on Amazon if it is a book, with your own blog or on platforms.
You can even combine several platforms to increase the passive income that you generate with the same product.
Also, you can go further and sell third party products. If you have your own blog, you can sell third-party content that will pay you for each client that you take to their page. This is what is called "lead generation". We have interviewed some of them:

2. Rent your assets

The Internet has spurred the sharing economy. If there is something that you have at home and do not use, you can rent it! What's more, you can even rent your house if you want through Airbnb or HomeAway and get a return on it on weekends or when you go on vacation. This is an example of how to turn your home into passive income. Another alternative is to rent your car with websites

3. Create an online sales business

With your blog, you can sell third-party content, as you have already seen. The simplest thing is to create a page about your hobby and sell "leads" to courses and content from other people who have created those ebooks, for example.
You can also go one step further and see third-party physical products . Basically, it would be like turning your page into a vending machine. When the time comes, you can choose between buying and selling the product, with all that this implies, or looking for a supplier that will give you that product so that you only have to market it in exchange for a commission.

4. Get income from your savings

Yes, the investment is passive income. In fact, it is the main passive income of most people. Even the big creators of massive passive income supplement their activity with investment.
And is that thanks to compound interest, the savings you invest will not stop generating more money without you having to do anything. If you wonder how to create a passive system without a lot of work, investment is the key.
The key question here is where do I invest my money to achieve high returns. If you want to generate income from your savings, we recommend this free service.

5. Copyright and royalties

Copyrights and royalties will also allow you to earn automatic income every time someone listens to your song or uses your invention.
Music, scripts, photography ... all this will allow you to charge for copyright. Here you can expand information on how to generate a royalty .